Advanced Passenger Train - Prototype

Our number one attraction, the Advanced Passenger Train (BR Class 370) was built in 1979 by British Rail at Derby Works. The train was part of an experiment testing the new technology of Tilting to allow faster speeds. In 1988 sets 003 & 006 were moved to Crewe Heritage Centre from the Crewe Electric Traction Depot where they had been in store. In June 1994 the train was donated to The Crewe Heritage Centre by the National Railway Museum, the rest of the fleet having been disposed of by this time. Work is always taking place on the APT, just recently our volunteers have managed to get the original lights inside the power car to work. Did you know that we need to completely repaint the outside of the Advanced Passenger Train every 4 years.

APT Consist
  • 48106 – Standard Class Driving Trailer (52 Seats)
  • 48602 – First Class Coach (2 seats/Other Removed)
  • 49002 – Power Car
  • 48603 – First Class Coach (25 Seats)
  • 48404 – Standard Class ‘Buffet Car’ (14 Seats)
  • 48103 – STandard Class Driving Trailer (42 Sears) – Tilting Experience

Virtual Tour

To navigate during the virtual tour, click on the pulsing circle to go to the next view. Each 360 view can be scrolled horizontally and vertically using the mouse or a finger on a touch screen.

Technical Details


Driving the APT

The APT Project


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